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osque Construction

Themosques of Allah shall be visited andmaintained by such as believe in

Allah and the Last Day, establish regular Prayers, and practise regular Charity,

and fear none (at all) except Allah. It is theywho are expected to be on true



(18. Surah Al-Tawbah)

HEEasaSalehAlGurg, KCVO. CBEhasbeendedicatingmosques forworshippers

for over three decades. Some of these have been built before the Charity

Foundationwas set up in 2010. These include the Al Khulafa Al Rashideen in

Al Warqaa (2006), Bilal Bin Rabah in Al Barsha,Abu Obaida Bin Al Jarrah in Al

Jafaliya (1980), in addition to the KhasabMosque in Oman built in 1984.

Under theauspices of the EasaSalehAl GurgCharity Foundation, twomosques

have been built in Dubai in 2012. These are the Omar Bin Abdul Aziz in Al

Muhaisanah and the Easa Saleh Al GurgMosque in Karama.

HamadAl Gurg and FaridAl Gurg at the opening of theOmar Bin

AbdulazizMosque –Muhaisnah 1

Easa SalehAl GurgMosque – Karama