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Annual support toAl Manar Center, which is part of the Islamic Cultural

Heritage Center. The center supports theMuslim community in London

and it also carries out various charitable activities such as mosque

construction, marriage aid and setting up of libraries.

The Foundation also supports to Cambridge Muslim College, a private

charitable institution for their researchproject, ‘Curriculum forCohesion,’

which calls for building strong relationships between generationswith

different cultures and religions.

nderstanding Islamic



One of the fatwas of Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Baz (May his soul rest in

peace) is printing religious books thatwill benefit people and is a deed

thatwill be rewarded in this lifeand thereafter. Theabovehasmotivated

the Foundation to print and publish Islamic books. The Easa Saleh Al

Gurg Charity Foundation also participated in the Dubai International

Award for Holy Quran established by His Highness SheikhMohammed

bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister and Ruler

of Dubai in 2011 to print and publish 24,000 copies of religious books

whichwere considered valuable additions to the award, such as:

1 -HelyatAl-MoumenwaEkhtyaral-MouqenByAl ImamAbulMahasen

Abdul Wahid Ibn Ismaeil Al Royani (502H = 1108G).

2 - Al Muharrar fi Al Fiqh By Al Imam Abul Qasim Abdul Karim Ibn

Mohammad Al Rafei (623H = 1226G).

ublishing Religious

Islamic Books


Dubai International Holy QuranAward