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In 2012, the Foundation sponsored the Cultural & Scientific Association

whichhelda ceremonyon theoccasionof the centenaryof Al Ahmadia

School. Al Ahmadia School, popularly known as Umm al Madaares

(Mother of schools), is Dubai’s first and oldest seat of learning built

in 1912. It was built by a group of founding fathers led by the late

Sheikh AhmedMohammed bin Dalmouk. Many of Dubai’swell-known

citizens including members of the royal family as well as prominent

businessmen such as HE Easa Saleh Al Gurg have completed their

primary education there.

Abdulla Al Gurg signing an agreement with ZayedUniversity

Education is the focal point of the Easa Saleh Al Gurg Charity


The Foundation strongly believes that better education offers greater

opportunities tostudentsandalsostrengthens thesocial fabricofsociety.

The Foundation has various collaborationswith educational institutions

andwelfarebodies toofferscholarshipsaswellaseducationalassistance

and study aids to deserving students.

Projects include scholarships to students of Sharia and Law faculty at

Sharjah University, sponsorship of college students with coordination

with the Council of Educational Welfare & Academic Affairs in Fujairah.

The Foundation has also provided laptops and ipads to deserving

students of Zayed University in Dubai.



Samia Ibrahim, Government RelationsManager of Easa SalehAl GurgGroup receiving an

appreciation certificate from SharjahUniversity