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Oneof the important purposesof charity includeshelpingyoungpeople

togetmarried following thewisesayingsofProphetMohammed(Peace

BeuponHim) “OYoungpeople!Whoever amongyou canmarry, should

marry, because it helps him lower his gaze and guard hismodesty.”

(Al Bukhari: 1905) The Charity Foundation participated in the eighth

groupmarriage initiative of theHouse of Representatives of Bahrain in

2011 by sponsoring thewedding of 78 couples.

TheFoundationalsoassisted in theconstructionofhousingunits inOman

to protect the population of the Eastern Region during hurricanes.

In the belief that there are no borders for charitable work, the Easa

Saleh Al Gurg Charity Foundation conducts charitable work across the


Some of our key projects include:

Easa Saleh Al Gurg Charity Foundation also supports various medical

institutions outside UAE, such as hospitals and medical research

centers. The Foundation provides annual support to the British Cardiac

Research Trustwhichwas created inUK in February2003asa charitable

organization that supports research on all kinds of heart diseases, the

bestdiagnosticmethodsandways toprovideearlymedical intervention.

Constructionprojects in Zanzibar, Tanzania in2011and2012 includinga

mosque, two schools and a health center for amedical complex.

Initiating rehabilitation projects in India such as digging wells and

buildingwater tanks in 2011.


egional Activities


nternational Relief Projects

Group marriage ceremony sponsored

by the Foundation in Bahrain