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Mosque Construction

Seven mosques and seven projects for new mosques

inside and outside the UAE

Omar bin Al Khattab narrated; I heard the Messenger of Allah (Peace Be

upon Him) saying:

“He who builds a Mosque where remembrance of Allah is taking place, Allah

will build for him an abode in the Paradise”

(Ibn Majah: 607)

Mosques are a symbol of the glory of Islam and its continuity. HE Easa Saleh

Al Gurg is keen to continue building mosques and maintaining them because

of their positive impact on society. Al Gurg Charity Foundation has built 7

mosques which are:

1. Abu Obaida Bin Al Jarah Mosque in Al Jafaliya in 1980

2. Khasab Mosque in Oman in 1984

3. Al Khulafa Al Rashideen in Al Warqa in 2006

4. Omar Bin Abd Al Aziz Mosque in Al Muhaisanah in 2012

5. Easa Saleh Al Gurg Mosque in Al Karama in 2012

6. Al Baraka Mosques in Philippines and Indonesia in collaboration with

Dubai Charity Association in 2013

Under the agreement between the Al Gurg Charity Foundation and IACAD,

the Charity Foundation has taken the full responsibility of the above mosques

besides supporting all the mosques the Foundation has built outside the UAE.

Currently, the Foundation provides complete funding

for a number of projects under construction, these


1. Expansion project of the Bilal bin Rabah Mosque in Al Barsha-2, Dubai

to accommodate 600 worshipers instead of the 300 it currently hosts.

Besides additional expansion of the mosque facilities, the renewal and

restoration of the Imam room and building a new room for the security

guard will also be executed as part of expansion plans

2. The new mosque being built by the foundation in Al Barsha-1 will

accommodate about 1150 worshipers, along with independent housing

for the Imam, muezzin and workers. The mosque premises will also have

an attached Quran teaching centre. The design phase has been completed

along with the required permits, with the project scheduled for completion

in two years.

3. Al Gurg Charity Foundation has signed agreements with Dubai Charity

Association for construction of five mosques outside the UAE, these are: a

mosque in the name of the Um Al Moumineen Aisha (Indonesia), Mosque

Um Al Moumineen, Khadija (Tajikistan), Baraka Mosque 2 (Indonesia),

Mosque of Omar bin Abdul Aziz (Indonesia) and Al Khulafa Al Rashideen

Mosque (Cambodia).

Easa Saleh Al Gurg Mosque in Karama, Dubai

Al Khulafa Al Rashideen Mosque in Al Warqa, Dubai

Expansion project at Bilal Bin Rabah Mosque in Al Barsha-2, Dubai

The design of the new mosque project in Al Barsha-1, Dubai