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The Holy Quran has immense value in people’s lives and positively impacts a nation’s progress. It is therefore important to support its teaching. Prophet Muhammad

(Peace Be upon Him) said: “Whoever calls to guidance has a reward like the example of the reward of those who follow him, not decreasing their reward in any way.”

(Muslim: 2674) This Hadith is considered as a guideline for those who contribute to the publishing of Quran and support its teachings.

HE Easa Saleh Al Gurg believes in giving priority and providing continued support to Islamic Centres especially to those teaching Quran and Sunnah due to the effective

role that they play in supporting moral values and in the progress of the nation. Al Gurg Charity Foundation has supported many centres such as:

Al Siddiq Centre for Quran Teaching

A specialized centre in Dubai for Quran and Sunnah teachings. Al Gurg Charity Foundation bears a bulk of their annual operations expenses, in addition to hosting

summer activities at the Al Khulafa Al Rashideen Mosque in Al Warqa.

Abdullah Bin Masoud Centre for Quran Teaching

One of the leading centres in Dubai in Quran studies for women and girls.

The centre receives an annual donation from Al Gurg Charity Foundation

to support its various activities. The centre has two main courses sessions:

one for winter and the other during summer.

Al Radwan Centre for Quran Teaching in Sharjah

One of the leading Quran teaching centres in Sharjah to children is

supported by annual donations from Al Gurg Charity Foundation. The

centre was established in 2005 and serves more than 100 students

starting from KG up to high school, with larger numbers enrolling during

summer time.

The Islamic Cultural Centre in London

Al Gurg Charity Foundation offers an annual support for the centre, which

is one of the most important Islamic centres for the Muslims of Europe.

The Foundation sponsors various activities and projects, including:

a. Taking care of Muslim prisoners as part of its educational, advocacy,

Islamic and social project.

b. Developing and improving the department which aims to publish

Islamic books and publications.

c. Developing and improving the centre’s library.

d. Assistance to establish a Department of Social Services to serve

Muslim women and Muslim families.

e. Serving and educating new Muslims; arranging social and Islamic

sessions for them.

Sponsoring Islamic Centres and

Holy Quran Teachings

HE Easa Saleh Al Gurg with the board members of Al Siddiq Center and some of the children at the center during their annual visit in 2013

Quran memorizing sessions at Al Khulafa Al Rashideen Mosque in Al Warqa-2 as part of

the annual events at Al Siddiq center in 2013

Islamic Cultural Centre in London