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Board Members

Maryam Easa Saleh Al Gurg - Vice Chairperson

Abdulla Al Shaibani - Board Member

Abdulla Al Gurg - Board Member

Muna Easa Saleh Al Gurg - Board Member

Farid Al Gurg - Board Member

Our Vision

We adopt charitable and humanitarian projects which include cultural and community-based non-profitable activities.

The Foundation’s work is directed by a clear and compelling vision: «To enable people in need to help themselves.»

Our Mission

• Being involved in community projects and initiatives which primarily focus on education and health.

• Establishing and supporting charity housing projects, academic institutions and providing study grants to students.

• Setting up and assisting medical facilities, rehabilitation centers and providing medical aid for the needy.

• Assistance in building mosques, cultural and Islamic research centers.

• Providing assistance to orphans, the elderly and persons with special needs.

• Offering sponsorship and collaborative assistance to various charitable associations.