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Regional & International Activities

Al Gurg charity is involved in many activities related to international relief aid through campaigns adopted by major chari-

ties in the country such as the UAE Red Crescent and the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Charity and Humanitarian

Establishment in order to enhance the status of UAE’s humanitarian efforts in international forums and for highlighting the

nation’s efforts in the fight against poverty, promoting sustainable development. These efforts are also aimed at assisting

the UAE’s participation in conferences and forums related to humanitarian work as well as to participate in the formula-

tion of an international humanitarian agenda.

Providing support for the Fund of Palestine Children’s Relief: A non-profit organization concerned with addressing the

medical and humanitarian crisis facing Palestinian youths in the Middle East, which has also expanded its activities to as-

sist in the treatment of poor children from all over the world and in various disciplines such as heart disease, urinary tract

operations, Maxillofacial restoration and others.

Collaboration with Tareeq Al Zuhur Community in Iraq: Dedicated towards the treatment of sick children in Iraq and who

cannot afford the expenses of treatment costs particularly heart diseases. The organization studies deserving cases and

performs a number of medical tests before sending the children to specialist heart disease hospital in India.

Charitable Projects in Zanzibar, Tanzania: Al Gurg Charity has built a mosque in the country and is currently working on

building new schools for poor students to help them complete their education.

Islamic Affairs & Charitable Activities Department

Department of Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities in Dubai is the body mandated to supervise the Easa Saleh Al Gurg

Charity Foundation as one of the non-profit private charities in the UAE.

The Islamic Affairs department organizes events and meetings, to provide technical and administrative support, such as

best philanthropic practices forum which highlights best projects and charity work that takes place during the year, the

annual ceremony to honor societies and charitable institutions in the UAE and the acknowledgement of outstanding

workers in the field of charity.

Mrs. Muna Al Gurg during her inspection of the charitable projects in Zanzibar

One of the children who are being treated in India - through Tareeq Al Zuhur Community

Ahmed Afifi – General Supervisor of Al Gurg Charity Mosques during the

honouring ceremony by the department of the Islamic Affairs

U.K. Abdul Kader– Office Manager of Easa Saleh Al Gurg Group during the

honouring ceremony by the department of the Islamic Affairs

Al Gurg Charity Foundation participating in the 2nd best philanthropic practices forum – Department of Islamic Affairs