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Charity Foundation signs agreement with Al Noor Training Center

11 Jul 2013

Mrs. Raja Al Gurg recently signed an agreement on behalf of the ESAG Charity Foundation with the Chairperson of Al Noor Training center, Khalid Al Halyan, to support the activities of the center providing a donation of AED 150,000. Dr. Mohammad Al Reda – Board Member, Mrs. Isphana – Director of Al Noor and Mohammed Farouk, Administration & Accounts Manager, Charity Foundation, also attended the signing ceremony. Two special needs students from the center presented Mrs Al Gurg with a memento in appreciation of the Foundation’s support.

Earlier Abdulla Al Gurg, ESAG Group General Manager along with the Charity Foundation members Mohammed Farouk and Hend Ahmed visited the Al Noor Training Centre for Children with Special Needs. Abdulla was invited by the centre to meet and understand its activities and strategies. The ESAG team attended a presentation on the centre and also toured the various facilities.


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