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Quality Policy

Easa Saleh Al Gurg Charity Foundation, a non-profit organization in Dubai, UAE is involved in community and humanitarian projects for the underprivileged. Whilst providing support and assistance to the needy, AGCF recognizes that Quality is of paramount importance and ensures that it remains at the focal point of every aspect of its service.

Our Quality Policy is a manifestation of our corporate values of excellence which ensure:

  • Our Quality Management System is a collection of well documented processes which respond to beneficiary’s’ requirements and provide excellent service to achieve customer satisfaction
  • We meet or exceed the expectations of our beneficiaries, service associates, employees and other relevant stakeholders
  • We foster a culture of honesty and transparency which is reflected in our services and dealings
  • Implement Quality objectives focused upon service model and continual improvement across all levels and functions to bring a sustainable change among the deprived
  • We attract and retain talent best suited to our requirements through employee recognition and rewarding programs, while enhancing our employee’s skill set with training and development programs
  • We remain at the forefront of changing service requirements, work alongside government’s initiatives, manage our risks and opportunities such that our service offering is dynamic and continues to be a true reflection of our goals, values and current needs
  • Partner with relevant stakeholders to meet statutory and legal requirements in a socially responsible manner
  • Periodically review and communicate the Quality Policy to all employees and ensure its availability to all stakeholders.